Monday, 26 November 2012

The Angel in Fuchsia...

The back of the dress; So lovely!

Vintage Picasa Photo Effect

My lime green stoned ring

Can't watch,LOL!

Lazing in the garden

Fuchsia jacket and earrings; Peacock pendant chain

These shoes are so comfy! I love them

This dress made me feel like a princess and angel at the same time, hahaha!

Happy Monday y'all!
I've uploaded so many photos cos they were also soooo good and I had to share them with you. I love how white always makes someone stand out in a crowd and fuchsia does that so well too. I'm telling you! I'll wear this dress over and over again cos it is so comfortable and outstanding! We all love the attention yeah?? I know you'll love it as much as I do!
Have a lovely week,
Karimi :)


  1. Hello, I saw your post on Blogaholic so thought I should check out your blog. Really, it's...beautiful.

    The design of cloth, pattern, and colour is quite lovely and alluring. I also love white. But unfortunately cannot be wearing them very soon as a result of the harmattan.

    I would like you to check out my blog


    1. Uzo,thanks a lot for stopping by.. t=and thanks for the lovely comment. Will do :)

  2. Nice combination of White and Pink, the long chain, well put.

    I love your style.



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